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Karen Hunter

Writer and Freelance Journalist

Karen Hunter writes about rural Ontario families who are forced to live too close to wind turbines and suffer negative health effects, with no remedy.
C/O Greg Schmalz

Wind Turbine Highlights Unifor's Hypocrisy On Noise Hazards

Unifor owns and operates the controversial CAW Wind Turbine, located on its property in Port Elgin, Ontario on the shore of Lake Huron. Since its startup, Unifor and MOE have received hundreds of noise complaints, day and night, from the nearly 200 families who live within the turbine's 550-metre radius.
04/27/2016 02:16 EDT
Karen Hunter

Politicians Vote on Wind Energy: Don't Blow it!

On Thursday Ontario politicians have the chance to halt industrial wind turbines in the province. Wind energy is the opposite of green technology. Conservation -- Reduce, Re-use, Recycle -- is green, a frugal approach that makes sense. Wind energy -- Unreliable, Inefficient, Expensive -- is anti-green, a wasteful approach that makes no sense.
03/07/2012 05:34 EST

Shoving Wind Power in People's Faces

Despite all the places the Canadian Auto Workers union could have located its mammoth industrial wind turbine, it picked tiny and picturesque Port Elgin -- considered one of the leading recreational playgrounds in Ontario.
02/14/2012 07:16 EST