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Karen Woods

A senior associate at Solstice Public Affairs. Political strategist, former school trustee candidate, public education advocate.

Karen Woods is a Senior Associate at Solstice Public Affairs. She is a former school trustee candidate in 2014. She finished a close second place to the incumbent. She is a seasoned media professional, public education advocate and a political organizer/activist. She publishes a weekly column in two of the most influential and popular Chinese newspapers in the GTA.

She serves on the board of Ontario Autism Coalition. She is the vice chair of the National Education Society.

She is a practitioner of Conservative Liberalism. She writes with a zinger. And she is an avid salsa dancer.
It's Time For The Donald Trump Apology ASSOCIATED PRESS

It's Time For The Donald Trump Apology Tour

Donald, you tapped into the anger of a declining middle class that is sick and tired of establishment economics, establishment politics and the establishment media. But you also opened the Pandora box of hatred xenophobia and bigotry. Your campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" feels a lot like "Make America White Again" these days.
11/15/2016 09:08 EST
How Chinese Canadians Relate To China's Xinhua News Agency via Getty Images

How Chinese Canadians Relate To China's Politics

As China flexes its muscles and embarks on its territorial ambitions, it has quietly tried its hand at influencing the Chinese diaspora abroad. From the much disgraced Confucius Institute to pressuring a Vancouver based Chinese newspaper to dismiss their writer because he consistently produces what the Chinese government considers "Anti-China" content, I am starting to feel the anxiety of Beijing looming over my shoulder. And I don't like it.
10/03/2016 01:09 EDT