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Karen Luniw

Author 'Attraction in Action: Your How to Guide to Relationships, Money, Work and Health'

Karen Luniw is a Mindset Expert specializing in Business, Money & Relationships. Karen is CEO of The Business Attraction Center and The Law of Attraction Center and is officially in the WoooHooo business.

Karen walks her individual and corporate clients through a personalized process so they can attract more of what they want in life and business. Her Law of Attraction Tips and Business Attraction Tipspodcasts have been downloaded in over 100 countries over 12 million times and she's been featured on the front page of the Vancouver Sun, the Financial Post and many other prominent national newspapers.

If you liked this article, you’ll love her new book, Attraction in Action: Your How to Guide to Relationships, Money, Work and Health.

Are You Really Ready to Make More Money?

Don't get me wrong, I buy lottery tickets every week, but I also have a solid plan to create more bridges for money to reach me. Most people don't have that in place. Looking at the way we do "money" is pretty much avoided by everyone on the planet. Which is evident everywhere you look these days. So are you really ready to have more? Okay, there are three things I want you to do...
11/28/2012 08:06 EST