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Karen Sterling

Global Marketing Strategist, Innovator

Karen Sterling is a global marketing strategist and innovator, who is passionate about building brands that connect with customers. She’s launched new products, services and e-strategy for Fortune 500 and Entrepreneurial companies in over 25 countries. She’s lead businesses in Consumer Packaged Goods, Food Franchising, International Healthcare, Financial Services, Charitable Foundations, B2B, and Mass Retail markets. Karen is currently VP Chief Marketing Officer at Yogen Früz, Yogurty’s, Jamba Juice and Swensen’s.
Step in to Stop Bullying and Make a

Step in to Stop Bullying and Make a Difference

As a business executive, I routinely apply logic to solve issues, but when my child called to say she'd just been surrounded a school gang who verbally abused and bullied her, all logic goes out the window... I just wanted to protect her. Sadly bullying continues to be a pervasive issue that affects our kids' well-being.
12/04/2012 05:44 EST