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Karen Stintz

City Councillor, Mayoral Candidate. Working hard to make Toronto even better.

Born and raised in North York, Karen Stintz is a lifelong Toronto resident. She started her political career when - shortly after buying her first house – she felt compelled to get involved in issues that affected her neighbourhood. She ran for office in 2003 with her husband as her campaign manager and was elected Councillor for Ward 16 Eglinton-Lawrence in a surprise win over 20 year incumbent, Anne Johnston.

In 2009, Karen founded and co-led the Responsible Government Group that opposed former Mayor David Miller’s increases in spending, property taxes and business taxes and presented an alternative budget that proposed to cut $80 million from the City budget. The group also vocally opposed David Miller’s handling of the 2009 City Workers’ strike.

In 2010, her colleagues elected her Chair of the TTC and in that role has committed to strengthening the organization's customer service focus, driving change, and improving the transit network. Accomplishments during her tenure included a Customer Service Charter, balancing the budget with a 10% reduction in the subsidy, realigning services to match revenue, contracting out garbage and maintenance services, launching Wi-Fi in the subway system, and approving the introduction of the Province’s electronic fare system.

Active at both City Hall and in the community, Karen sits on the City’s Planning and Growth Management Committee; Employee and Labour Relations Committee; Toronto School Boards Task Force; and the City’s Striking Committee (Appointments). She is also a member of the Providence Healthcare Foundation and is actively involved with the board for the North Toronto Memorial Arena and the Larry Grossman Forest Hill Memorial Arena. Karen also works collaboratively with the Yonge-Lawrence Village BIA, The Uptown Yonge BIA and the Eglinton Way BIA.

Despite her many commitments, her greatest love is spending time with her children Jackson, 9, and Hailey, 7. An avid athlete and sports fan she also runs, cycles and skis. Karen continues to live in her North Toronto neighbourhood with her husband, two children and her father.

Before being elected City Councillor, Karen spent seven years managing and delivering healthcare programs in both the public and private sectors. She is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, holds a Master of Science in Journalism from Boston University and a Master of Public Administration from Queen’s University.
Why Toronto Needs a Transportation

Why Toronto Needs a Transportation Czar

Anyone who has been down to the Harbourfront recently knows that Queens Quay is under construction. The streetcar tracks are being replaced and Waterfront Toronto is building a new tree-lined promenade that will be spectacular once complete, but creates traffic chaos in the meantime. Although I expected the construction on Queens Quay, nothing prepared me for the trifecta of traffic interruptions that followed. Traffic was already heavy because it was the season home opener for the Argos. That would have been fine, if the rest of the transportation network had been working.
07/08/2014 05:55 EDT
Is John Tory Designing His Policies on an

Is John Tory Designing His Policies on an Etch-a-Sketch?

For months, John Tory has claimed that his number one priority for transit expansion would be a new subway line to relieve pressure on the overcrowded Yonge line. Then he shook his etch-a-sketch and poof, it's gone. Relieving congestion on the Yonge line moves to the back of the bus. Same thing happened with his positions on the Gardiner and the Eglinton Connects.
05/31/2014 02:49 EDT
How Becoming Mayor Would Affect My

How Becoming Mayor Would Affect My Family

It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyways. Being a working mother is a never ending balancing act. My children have always had a politician for a mom; I was elected to Toronto's city council before they were born. My chosen career -- and my choice to run for Mayor -- means that my life is, to a certain degree, public.
05/08/2014 05:43 EDT