Karin Kloosterman

Plants Talk. We Listen. Eddy (www.fluxiot.com)

Karin Kloosterman is the founder of flux, a technology that gives brains and community to urban farms and greenhouses. Their first product is Eddy, built to grow endless organic food and medicine at home. Email her karin@fluxiot.com
One Way to Create Peace in the Middle Getty

One Way to Create Peace in the Middle East

I don't know anything about bulls, and bears, candlesticks or hanging men, but as a resident of the Middle East I can testify that green technologies make nations and communities proud to be part of them. Green technologies make places better. Solar projects change people too: they bring jobs, and sweep away pollution. They give security to people without energy security.
06/28/2013 01:02 EDT
There's Nothing Cruel About Neutering Your YouTube

There's Nothing Cruel About Neutering Your Pets

While going through a bout of religious enthusiasm myself, I took on the practice and decided to let my dog have puppies. I think I learned more about mammal reproduction in one morning of midwifing eight puppies than I did studying zoology for four years at the University of Toronto. But living with the puppies was a nightmare.
08/22/2012 12:10 EDT