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Karly Hribnak

Always evolving, always growing.

Mother of two busy teenaged boys. Wife of one over worked tow truck operator/manager. Fur-Mom to four cats, and one dog. Auntie to eighteen nieces and nephews. Knitter. Refurbisher of old things. Sometimes the family chef. Work full time supporting emergency medicine. Love the game of lacrosse. Reader.
What My Kids Learned When Their Pets

What My Kids Learned When Their Pets Died

I am hoping that these two losses prepare the boys enough that they know there is no shame in crying, in openly grieving. Nor is there shame in laughing at the goofy, silly and funny memories. That grief comes in waves. That part of loving is sometimes letting go but that you get up, dust yourself off and continue on with your life.
08/12/2015 12:20 EDT