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Karolina Pasko

Licensed Psychotherapist & Coach

As a licensed therapist, transformation coach, and mentor to high performers and power women, Karolina Pasko helps clients, and now readers like you, date themselves. She is your catalyst for finding the love, confidence, and joyful life.
The Truth And Intention Behind Love And Ascent Xmedia via Getty Images

The Truth And Intention Behind Love And Romance

Research shows that romance is a powerful and an important ingredient in one's life. In fact, brain scans show that men are activated by romance as strongly as women, indicating that romance applies to BOTH sexes. Surprised? If you are, it's because when it comes to romance, society views women as addicts and men as immune.
02/04/2016 02:57 EST
Why Is She Agonizing About The Caiaimage/Trevor Adeline via Getty Images

Why Is She Agonizing About The Size?

What is part of her body causes the most shame, crashes her confidence, and ultimately takes her mind of from indulging pleasure?It's her vulva. Vulva is what most of you keep calling vagina; it consists of the external genital organs. So many women are in agony worrying that their inner lips might be too big or too small.
11/13/2015 04:38 EST
8 Steps to Overcoming the Fear of Not Being Good shutterstock

8 Steps to Overcoming the Fear of Not Being Good Enough

When was the last time you felt that you had to prove something to the people you love? When you feel that you're not good enough, you often find yourself in isolation, sitting in the dark room, abandoned and longing for love -- Here is the eight-step process for you to take on in order to never ever again be lost in the fear of not being enough.
09/15/2015 12:16 EDT
5 Ways to Enhance MoMo Productions via Getty Images

5 Ways to Enhance Intimacy

These five easy life hacks will provide you with simple strategies to shift your energy and focus from work and business to love and passion. They don't require a lot of hard work, but they do require serious commitment that I know you have.
08/29/2015 09:42 EDT