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Karyn Pickles

Having studied child development and social work in university, Karyn went into parenthood with her eyes wide open and a self-satisfied smirk on her face and very quickly discovered that she knew absolutely nothing of any value when it came to her very real kids. Along with Ben (the thinker), Molly (the doer) and Ian (the Brit), she battles for truth, justice and the Canadian way in a world where parenting and puns go hand-in-hand. Follow Team Pickles at PicklesINK, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter (@karynpickles).
Stop Telling Girls to Cover up at the

Stop Telling Girls to Cover up at the Pool

An impromptu family visit to a wading pool in a public park in Guelph, Ont. left an 8-year-old girl embarrassed and her parents angry when staff told her that, unlike her brothers, she could not be in the wading pool without a top.People are crying, "It's not about body-shaming." But that is exactly what it is about. When you tell a young girl that she has to cover up a part of her body that looks exactly the same as the little boy beside her, you are telling her the issue is her femaleness. We're not talking about breasts here. We're talking about a little girl's undeveloped chest.
06/23/2015 06:05 EDT
The Selfie Stick Isn't Ruining Your Vacation -- You

The Selfie Stick Isn't Ruining Your Vacation -- You Are

With all respect to Angelina Chapin, I can't say I agree with her assessment in her blog titled "The Selfie Stick Will Ruin Your Vacation." While I have no great desire to own a selfie stick myself, I just can't seem to get on the selfie-hate bandwagon. Why are the desire to take a souvenir picture of yourself doing something exciting and enjoying the exciting thing itself mutually exclusive?
05/25/2015 05:43 EDT
Sexual Bullying At Schools Has to

Sexual Bullying At Schools Has to Stop

Ten-year-old Hannah used to love going to school but now the Ontario fourth grader is too scared to return and her mother Nicola can't blame her. On Monday, Hannah experienced the second of two incidents of bullying with a disturbingly sexual tone. Hannah's mother spoke to the school principal, and although the boy admitted to the incident, as far as she knows no further action was taken by the school. As of Wednesday, Nicola's calls to the superintendent and her school trustee had not been returned, and the principal did not respond to a request for comment for this post.
05/16/2015 10:46 EDT
5 Myths And Facts About Ontario's Updated Sex Education

5 Myths And Facts About Ontario's Updated Sex Education Curriculum

Unfortunately, misconceptions and misinformation about this curriculum are continuing to make their way around the Internet, mostly because people seem bound and determined to willfully ignore the actual facts before forming an opinion. So today I'm going to address the most common myths about the new curriculum.
02/24/2015 05:27 EST
Who I'm Remembering

Who I'm Remembering Today

Two years ago, a great man died at the very impressive age of 97 (and a half). He is remembered and missed for the love, strength and support that he gave his family and friends, for the many great contributions to the Canadian mining industry during his long life, and also for his service in the Royal Canadian Navy during World War II.
11/11/2014 04:33 EST