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Kasia Wind

Health writer, editor and blogger

Kasia Wind is a writer living in Petawawa, ON. Her most recent gig includes five years as Health Editor for <em>Oxygen Women's Fitness</em>, where she spent many hours digging through research related to women's health, interviewing medical experts and eating kale. Kasia writes about health, fitness, nutrition, psychology, travel and women's issues. You can follow her <a href="" rel="nofollow">@kasia_kurek</a>.
Do Weird Sports Superstitions and Rituals Actually

Do Weird Sports Superstitions and Rituals Actually Work?

Lucky underwear? Lucky potato chips? The illustrious "playoff beard?" If you're gearing up for your favourite team's next NHL playoff game by taking part in a superstitious ritual, your friends might think you're nuts. But science has you covered.
06/17/2013 01:59 EDT