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Kat de Ocampo

Lover of yoga, mma, food and travel through humanitarian work.

Over the past several years Kat has been involved with non-profit organizations and also spent three years abroad doing humanitarian work. In 2010 she began practicing yoga and found that it had a positive impact both physically and mentally, especially after recovering from a past injury. Through her practice and experience, Kat believes yoga is essential to help with the day-to-day professional and personal stresses of life. <br> Kat is currently working towards her Yoga Teacher Certification with Pranalife Yoga in Waterloo, Ontario and hopes to create positive impact on the lives of others through her humanitarian work and yoga classes. She also enjoys mixed martial arts, food and travel.
Yoga Is About More Than

Yoga Is About More Than Flexibility

The idea that yoga is solely about Cirque Du Soleil-esque postures (or asanas) perpetuates the idea that instructors only have to be flexible to do and teach yoga; and ultimately must encourage the same level of flexibility in their students. But, yoga is about more than flexibility.
11/24/2015 11:36 EST