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Kat Ling


<a href="" rel="nofollow">Kat Ling</a> has been teaching in Surrey, British Columbia for the past nine years. She's been in her current school for seven of them. <br> <br> "I feel so blessed to get to work with such a great group of kids. I want to do everything I can to help them develop and utilize their strengths so they can be successful in the future," Ling says. "I want my kids to question and wonder about the world around them and become reflective learners who can make connections to their lives. I feel so lucky to love going to work every day."
Help B.C. Teachers Feel Valued With

Help B.C. Teachers Feel Valued With #thisisYOURstrikepay

I am a B.C. teacher, and lately I feel like I should apologize for that. I'm so tired of hearing how awful I am. How greedy. How I shouldn't want more for my students. Let's get teachers feeling valued because things are rough right now, and it's getting hard to remember by ourselves.
09/08/2014 05:01 EDT
This Is My Strike

This Is My Strike Pay

To the student who would overthrow the ball in baseball (but not make it obvious) so our autistic student could get on base. This is my strike pay. To have students say they are my kids and even give me Mother's Day gifts because they think of me as important, like a mom. This is my strike pay.
06/15/2014 11:52 EDT