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Kate Convissor

journalist and full-time traveler

Kate has been writing for newspapers and magazines, such as Working Mother, and for more years than she cares to remember. For the past two decades, she's done corporate writing for several companies but notably for Herman Miller, the green and innovative office furniture manufacturer.

In 2010, Kate sold her house and traveled around the continent in a 14-foot trailer. A couple years later, she ditched the trailer for a backpack and locations farther afield. She blogs about her journey at
My Run-In With the Mexican Getty Images

My Run-In With the Mexican Police

While in Mexico, I was told "There's a tricky turn on Mex 1 just as you're getting into Tijuana. Be ready to make a quick left, almost an about-face, to get to the border crossing. If you miss it, you'll be heading into Tijuana." And: "If a Mexican cop pulls you over, just hand him 20 dollars. It'll save you a lot of grief." Roger that.
05/01/2013 12:25 EDT
Is There Anywhere More Beautiful Than Flickr: outofsocks

Is There Anywhere More Beautiful Than Newfoundland?

If you have only a week to travel in Newfoundland, you must explore the Viking Trail. It begins and ends with UNESCO World Heritage sites a day's drive apart. Now I ask you, where else in the world can you see that? And in between, you can sample a unique culture and cuisine as well as eerily beautiful landscapes that were literally formed in the bowels of the earth.
12/19/2012 08:18 EST