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Kate Hilton

Author, Speaker, Working Mom

Kate Hilton is the bestselling author of THE HOLE IN THE MIDDLE and JUST LIKE FAMILY (2017). She is published by HarperCollins in Canada, and by Penguin Random House in the United States. Before turning to fiction, Kate worked in law, higher education, public relations and fundraising. Kate is represented by Beverley Slopen of the Beverley Slopen Literary Agency.
5 Things Working Moms Don't Say

5 Things Working Moms Don't Say Enough

You're up early and you're up late. And in the middle, you seem to be running. Running to the office, to meetings, to soccer games, to the grocery store, to the dentist, to the PTA meeting, to the birthday party for ... well, you can't even remember who the birthday party is for. You say yes to everything, because you're a team player. Try saying these five things instead.
01/25/2017 06:14 EST
Reinvention Is Just as Much About Loss as it Is About

Reinvention Is Just as Much About Loss as it Is About Gain

Reinvention is about loss as well as gain. It involves the shedding of an old life, a life that may not fit any longer, but a life that was known to you. It involves the creation of a 'you' that didn't exist before. And, as with all new ventures, it involves failure.
01/08/2015 05:42 EST
What I Really Want For Mother's

What I Really Want For Mother's Day

How many of us knew that we would love our children so much that it would terrify us, but that we would also resent the erosion of our independent personhood, and wonder why our husbands didn't feel similarly eroded? Or how much more often we would dwell on our failures than on our successes as wives and mothers
05/10/2014 07:00 EDT
The Work-Life Balance

The Work-Life Balance Myth

Some days I feel that I've succeeded in my work. Some days I feel that I've succeeded as a parent, or a spouse, or a friend, or a daughter. But I rarely feel as though I've succeeded on all fronts in the same 24-hour period. Do I have work-life balance?
01/12/2014 10:49 EST
Life Begins at

Life Begins at 40

Life may not begin at 40, but it's an excellent time to consider a second (or third, or fourth) act. Is there something you've always wanted to do? Something you were scared to try, because you'd be devastated if you failed? Take a deep breath and go for it. Trust me: it's way more satisfying than buying a convertible.
01/11/2014 05:02 EST
The Accidental Social Media

The Accidental Social Media Guru

Here is what I learned from my year-long immersion course (which, now that you know I'm an imposter, you can take or leave): the true magic of social media is not that it mimics real-life behavior, but that it produces social ties in the real -- not merely the online -- world.
01/08/2014 12:31 EST
Mission Impossible: Family Dinner at My

Mission Impossible: Family Dinner at My House

My kids are the worst eaters. Really. Some people say this, and mean that their kids don't eat raw sushi, or whole wheat pasta, or offal. That's not what I mean. I mean that in my house, bacon is a food group. I mean that my kids don't eat pasta, period. I mean that they only accept pepperoni pizza from one delivery joint. It's serious.
09/27/2013 08:12 EDT
Five Easy Ways to Survive Your Midlife

Five Easy Ways to Survive Your Midlife Crisis

As a veteran self-improver, I find five-step solution articles almost irresistible. In that vein, I propose the following five (easy) ways to take the edge off your midlife crisis. There are undoubtedly harder and more radical ways to fix what ails you, such as therapy, divorce, quitting your job and so on. These suggestions are more in the nature of short-term triage -- and they work.
09/06/2013 05:32 EDT