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Kate Palbom

Freelance Writer and Senior Editor, Eat Drink Travel Magazine

Kate Palbom is a freelance writer and the senior editor for Eat Drink Travel Magazine. Her work has been featured in Post City Magazine, iPhone Life Magazine, Daily Worth and others.
Kate Palbom

When in Tel Aviv, Eat Deliciously Like the Locals Do

When I announced my trip to Tel Aviv, Israel more than a few people told me the food would be a highlight. And they weren't kidding. The bread, the veggies and hummus are all so good I found myself asking, "Why are we eating what is comparatively garbage in North America?"
05/07/2015 08:19 EDT

Is Birth Control Keeping up With Women?

Like many women, I've been cycling through birth control methods like prophylactics, "the pill," "the shot," baby roulette -- which is exactly what it sounds like, and now NuvaRing for more than half my life. Women who delay having children could be on one form of birth control or another for up to 20 years or more. For those who opt out of motherhood altogether, birth control may only end when menopause begins. Really? These are our options?
01/20/2014 05:04 EST

I Gained Some Weight... And the World Kept Going

If worrying were a workout, we'd all be runway models. But the effects of constant low-grade stress and the body image tug-of-war eventually take their toll. A recent study from the U.K. found that women will spend an average of one year of their lives worrying about their weight. That's 21 minutes a day, two hours a week, and over 120 hours a year.
11/14/2013 05:38 EST