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Kate Siobhan Havercroft

Writer, Photographer

Kate Siobhan Havercroft an East-Vancouver based writer, photographer, seeker of social justice, Beatles expert, believer, coffee snob, and self-proclaimed trophy wife.

She is chief operations manager of The Giving Lens, where she also leads teams of photographers on international humanitarian aid trips, using photography as a medium to empower communities. She is also a staff writer for Matador Travel Network, and has published a full-length book on The Beatles.

Kate holds a degree in Creative Writing from UBC with a focus on non-fiction and cultural criticism. She's addicted to traveling, writing, and social media, and is active on Twitter, Google +, Instagram, and has 170k subscribers on Facebook.

When not doing all of the above, she loves surfing, craft beer, her husband, and drinking wine with her dad, Terry David Mulligan.
How to Piss Off a Kate Siobhan Havercroft

How to Piss Off a Vancouverite

Yes, it's an expensive city. But that's like complaining too many people hit on your spouse because they're so hot. It's a gorgeous city in a beautiful setting with top-notch bars and restaurants, a thriving arts scene, and more. Guess what's driving the cost? People moving here, at any cost, because it's so awesome. It's a vicious cycle. Would you prefer it be less awesome? We wouldn't.
03/21/2013 01:11 EDT