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Kate T. Lawson


Kate Lawson is an Associate Professor of English in the Department of English at the University of Waterloo. She was elected 30th president of the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) on July 1, 2013. <br> <br> Lawson received her PhD from the University of Toronto and taught for eight years at the University of Northern British Columbia, where she was also President of the Faculty Association from 1997- 1999. She has been at UWaterloo since 2002, serving its faculty association in a variety of roles. She was also the Vice-President of OCUFA from 2011-2013. <br> <br> OCUFA is the provincial voice of 17,000 full- and part-time professors and academic librarians from across Ontario.
As a Full-Time Professor, I Support My Colleagues Who Went on

As a Full-Time Professor, I Support My Colleagues Who Went on Strike

The ongoing strikes at York University and the University of Toronto have prompted a variety of thoughtful and insightful examinations of the state of university education in Ontario. In particular, the conversation around the changing nature of academic work and the plight of contract faculty is essential to the future of our universities. Unfortunately, an incorrect -- and harmful -- idea has crept into some of the recent coverage: that the relatively good working conditions of full-timers are to blame for the frankly awful conditions of those working on contract.
03/24/2015 01:22 EDT
Blame Your Unemployment On the Job Market, Not

Blame Your Unemployment On the Job Market, Not Universities

Communities across Ontario and Canada are struggling with unemployment, the long hangover of the 2008 financial crisis, and deep structural changes to the Canadian economy. People are rightly concerned with why joblessness is so high, and how to get people back to work. But universities can't create jobs out of thin air.
09/03/2013 05:26 EDT