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Kate Van Buskirk

Professional Track and Road Runner

Kate is a professional track and road runner from Toronto who specializes in the 1500m. She is a Canadian National Champion and World Semi-Finalist in this event. She studied Cultural Anthropology while attending Duke University on a track/cross-country scholarship. She is a member of an elite post-collegiate running team called Athletics Toronto and is currently training towards her goal of representing Canada at this summer's Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland. She is a globe-trotter, social justice seeker and adventure enthusiast who loves her life in all its wonderful uncertainty!

Madison Holleran Should Not Have Died This Way

That a 19-year-old runner committed suicide is tragic in a way that is nearly impossible to express, never mind to comprehend. I am so deeply sorry, Madison, for the pain you felt. I am so sorry that you weren't able to find the support and treatment that you needed to prevent this outcome.
01/22/2014 03:20 EST