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Kate Varsava

Birth Worker

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Kate is a Birth Worker, Placenta Remedy Maker, and supporter of Free Birth and women’s rights to choose where and with whom we give birth. By day, Kate makes and sells holistic snacks at the Farmer’s Market, is a yogi, and a musician. She seeks beauty in the everyday, believes in the power of old knowledge and intuition, and the idea of owning several goats some day really makes her smile.
Facebook Should Not Censor Child

Facebook Should Not Censor Child Birth

Facebook censored a picture of a mother moments after giving birth. That's buying into a sanitized version of womanhood. We must share real, unadulterated images of women: strong, beautiful, intelligent, and intuitive. There is no more honest expression of beauty, strength, love, and female sexuality than during childbirth -- it's the epitome of all those things, but it doesn't look much like what Tampax and Maybelline are selling us. Don't be fooled into thinking that women aren't missing out on anything by surrendering our birth experiences to hospital protocol or giving into the pressures of society to look and act a certain way.
03/06/2014 05:37 EST