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Katharine Schmidt

Executive Director, Food Banks Canada

Katharine is the Executive Director of Food Banks Canada, the national organization representing the food bank community across the country. Over the past 25 years, Katharine has focused on organizational management, capacity building and policy and advocacy development and implementation in business, government, non-profit and charitable sectors. She has worked at a senior level with stakeholders in the agri-food industry including producers, processors, distributors and retail and food services.
The Road To Ending Food Jamie Grill via Getty Images

The Road To Ending Food Waste

No one wants quality, safe food to be wasted. A greater focus on food rescue efforts can increase the amount of all types of foods, and especially desirable perishable products, to ensure all families can put a wholesome meal on the table.
11/29/2016 07:16 EST
True North Strong and AP

True North Strong and Hungry

We are lucky to live in Canada, a prosperous nation. Sadly, Canadians not being able to afford food exists today. In fact, close to 900,000 individuals turn to food banks for assistance each month across the country -- a number equivalent to the entire population of New Brunswick. This is unacceptable.
05/17/2012 12:39 EDT