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Katherine Brodsky

@mysteriouskat - Entertainment Writer

Katherine Brodsky is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Washington Post, The Guardian, Esquire, NYLON, Variety, Entertainment Weekly, Mashable, Vulture, and many other publications. <br> <br> She has interviewed a diverse range of intriguing personalities, including Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Tony, and Pulitzer Prize-winners and nominees. <br> <br> Find her on Twitter <a href="" rel="nofollow">@mysteriouskat </a>or at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Pulitzer Winner Coming To

Pulitzer Winner Coming To Vancouver

Audiences will also be treated to a live stage reading of David Auburn's play "Proof", featuring some of Vancouver's top actors, and afterwards get to learn about Auburn's experiences in the theatre, writing technique and approaches, influences, the road to writing a Pulitzer-award winning play, and much more, in an intimate moderated In Conversation.
04/19/2014 01:48 EDT

Celebrate "Breaking Bad" Finale With This 'Blue Meth' Cocktail

The moment you've been both dreading and getting excited for is almost here. I'm referring, of course, to the series finale of <strong>Breaking Bad</strong> this Sunday. This "blue meth" inspired drink is lovingly nicknamed "The Heisenberg" and may just be the perfect drink to accompany your <em>Breaking Bad</em> viewing.
09/28/2013 07:48 EDT
The Gift Lounges of

The Gift Lounges of TIFF

Everyone loves gifts, and companies especially like sharing their products with celebrities and other influencers, hoping to associate their brands with A-listers, and get some all-important media attention. So with every TIFF comes the inevitable swag room: The Gift Lounge. What was up for grabs this year?
09/19/2013 12:14 EDT
Change Vancouver's 'No Pets'

Change Vancouver's 'No Pets' Policy

Human tenants can just as easily ruin walls by putting nails in them, or allowing kids to draw on them. They can ruin carpets by walking around in muddy shoes in-house -- and by a multitude of other more creative ways. Arguably, some pets are better than their human counterparts. In fact, many pets are perfect citizens with impeccable manners. Some are not.
06/07/2013 06:38 EDT
The New Storytelling

The New Storytelling Frontier

It's no wonder that studios, videogame companies, and large brand-holders are beginning to realize that an investment in an intellectual property must have a return from multiple media platforms. Hollywood's most influential players have taken notice with directors like Peter Jackson and James Cameron embracing transmedia.
06/05/2013 12:27 EDT