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Katherine Rybar


Katherine Rybar is a public school teacher in Vancouver, B.C. who has also worked and volunteered in schools in Whistler, Pemberton, rural Quebec and Ecuador. During her time in Vancouver, she has taught in intermediate classrooms and worked as a specialist teacher with students learning English as a second language, and requiring learning assistance. She has also taught music and French as a second language. She has a bachelor of education degree specializing in French language and global studies, and a bachelor of arts in international relations specializing in international economy and development.
B.C. Government's Lesson On Contracts Is Rob Daly via Getty Images

B.C. Government's Lesson On Contracts Is Flawed

When my students ask me who has to follow the law, should I answer everyone except the government? Previously, I taught that a contract was binding for both parties. You are teaching that a contract is something you can tear up when you don't like it. Why would anyone ever sign a contract with a clause that says the other party doesn't have to honour it?
06/24/2014 05:57 EDT