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Kathleen McDonnell


Kathleen McDonnell is the author of eight books and more than a dozen plays. Her groundbreaking book Not an Easy Choice: Re-examining Abortion, first published in 1984, was updated and reissued in 2005. Kathleen’s latest book is Emily Included, based on the true story of Emily Eaton, a disabled girl whose battle to go to regular school went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. She is also the author of The Notherland Journeys trilogy, an ambitious series of novels about a teenage girl who has the ability to create imaginary worlds, and the non-fiction books Kid Culture and Honey, We Lost the Kids. Kathleen was born in Chicago and has lived most of her adult life in Canada. Her website is
Will Pro-Choice Advocates Speak Out Against

Will Pro-Choice Advocates Speak Out Against "Sex Selection?"

A controversial editorial in the latest issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal calls for a ban on disclosure of the sex of a fetus until late in pregnancy. So what's wrong with aborting a fetus of undesired gender? That's what the "right to choose" is all about, isn't it? Actually, no.
02/28/2012 05:07 EST