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Kathleen Smith


Kathleen Smith is an Edmonton based philanthropist, hyper-tweeter, troll magnet &
keyboard activist. Founding Diva of, Kathleen writes about the issues
and events that affect Albertans. Follow Kathleen on Twitter at @KikkiPlanet
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Oscars Schmoscars - The 10 2012 Films that Deserve Your Time

These days I watch the Oscars for one reason only: an excuse to have too many glasses of Moët while screaming out loud at my TV about the plethora of great films ignored by the industry in favour of kissing each other's over publicized asses for films that, when the truth is told, aren't really all that great.
02/24/2013 02:00 EST

Alberta Must End Funding of War on Gays

There is no arguing that the Roman Catholic Pope is the very portrait of homophobia, and although some would argue that he has a legal right to spread his message of hatred, the question must be asked in Alberta why our government is so willing to fund a school board that supports this hatred, this outright advocation for gay genocide.
01/15/2013 02:19 EST

Jodie Foster's Closet is None of Your Damn Business

To those who expected Foster to announce publicly that she is gay, the speech was likely a disappointment. Certainly celebrity news opportunists like Harvey Levin and Perez Hilton were deleting hastily written posts for their websites when Foster said little more than "I'm single" as her big announcement. The subsequent outcry from some in the LGBTQ was perhaps far more surprising than Foster's refusal to publicly come out.
01/15/2013 02:11 EST

The Most Fascinating Edmonton Twitter Accounts of 2012

At the close of 2011, published a list of those we found to be the "Most Fascinating #yeg Tweeps" of the year. The post was a huge hit, and following its publication we were contacted by several tweeps who had been included on the list thanking us for not only the mention, but for the instant increase in followers as a result of their inclusion.
01/11/2013 02:00 EST

Glass House of the Wildrose Party: Soliciting Funds From Olds College

Following days of accusations that Lynn Redford, sister of Alberta Premier Alison Redford, had been involved in illegal donations during her tenure as the Government Relations officer at Calgary Health Region, and subsequent accusations on the part of the CBC that Alberta Health Services has been "wining and dining" on the taxpayer's dime for quite sometime, the Deputy Premier struck back Thursday during Question Period.
11/24/2012 01:37 EST

WATCH: Is The Hard Right Planning A Coup D'Etat Within The Wildrose?

It has not gone unnoticed that Rob Anderson, the Wildrose MLA for Airdrie and representative of the hard right so-con side of the party - Anderson being the man who insisted on running Alan "Lake of Fire" Hunsperger - has been stepping out into the spotlight more as of late. Then, just this past week, a video link hit local social media.
11/11/2012 11:09 EST

Romney Gate - Closing Out The World

As a younger woman, I stood beneath the arch on countless occasions at the height of the Cold War. It was a time when there were far fewer allied nations and as a Canadian teen I knew my closest allies were those I could reach through the arch to connect with. In 1984 the Americans were not just my neighbors, they were my family in every sense of the word. Suddenly, it's 28 years later. You find yourself in 2012 in the midst of the US election and you realize, with shock and awe that the gate is closing - not because of economics or war or terrorist threat or because a guard is standing at the border locking the gate in front of you - but in the name of blind adherence to ideology.
11/05/2012 01:56 EST

Motion 312 - Don't Blame Stephen Harper or the CPC

Stephen Harper has stayed true to his word, maintaining his stand that the issue of abortion will not be reopened in Canada so long as he is Prime Minister. That being the case, how did we reach the point where the blame for Motion 312 and it's implications on the reproductive rights of women in this country are perceived to be solely with Stephen Harper and the CPC?
09/27/2012 02:11 EDT

Daryl Katz - No Champion for the City of Champions

You don't mind if we call you by your given name, do you? After all, we've been in this mess together for quite sometime now and at this point one would hope we're beyond formalities. Yes, we know you're not one for familiarity, but perhaps just this once we could chat like friends and do away with social niceties. So, with that understanding and with all due respect....
09/13/2012 12:35 EDT

Hey Ladies, Are Those Political Speeches or the Vagina Monologues?

During PQ leader Pauline Marois' acceptance speech on Tuesday evening, shots rang out. Marois, undaunted, returned to the stage and made this statement: "This is an example of a woman head of state. Voila." Throughout her campaign, Marois brought up her sex several times, as did Ann Romney and Tammy Duckworth in their respective convention speeches. For women who are politically-minded, it's been one hell of a week.
09/05/2012 04:57 EDT