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Kathleen Wynne

Premier of Ontario

Kathleen Wynne is Ontario’s 25th Premier. She was first elected to the Ontario legislature in 2003 as the MPP for Don Valley West, and she became the leader of the Ontario Liberal Party in January, 2013.

Kathleen has served as Ontario’s Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Minister of Transportation and Minister of Education. As the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Kathleen finalized a new funding agreement with the federal government to improve access to affordable housing.

Kathleen has three adult children, Chris, Jessie and Maggie, and two granddaughters, Olivia and Claire. She and her partner Jane have lived in North Toronto for more than 25 years.
What Ontario's Balanced Budget Means For

What Ontario's Balanced Budget Means For You

The budget we have tabled in the legislature is entirely about you. It's about your family, your hopes and your dreams. It's about the things that keep you up at night worrying. This budget is about making the choices that help you navigate the turbulence of a changing economy with greater security and more opportunity. And it's about setting your province on a course toward long-term success.
04/28/2017 04:42 EDT
Free Tuition For Low-Income Students Is An Investment In Our People And

Free Tuition For Low-Income Students Is An Investment In Our People And Ontario

Hearing directly from students about issues they care deeply about was a great experience. As a Premier whose top priority is to ensure everyone can get a good job, it's my job to fix these problems. It's my job to erase any worries people have that a college or university education is out of reach. And it's my job to make it easier for more young people to continue learning and pursuing their passions after high school. That's why, as announced in last week's Ontario 2016 Budget, we are making the single-largest modernization of student financial assistance in the history of our province.
02/29/2016 10:45 EST
Sexual Violence And Harassment Is Never

Sexual Violence And Harassment Is Never Okay

Those who are affected by sexual violence and harassment do not feel safe, they do not feel heard, and they do not feel they can come forward. But little by little, we are making a positive change. And we're doing this by educating, empowering and informing people that sexual violence and harassment is never okay. Because we can and must change -- change the way we talk about sexual violence and harassment, how we confront misogyny and sexism, how we teach young people what consent means.
11/19/2015 12:31 EST
Yes, I'm a Woman Who Can Run the

Yes, I'm a Woman Who Can Run the Economy

Last February, I became the first female Premier of Ontario. One of the myths I'm dealing with right now is the idea that a female leader cannot make a forceful, positive impact as a steward of the economy. People will say to me, flat out: "Kathleen, we know you care about people, but we're not sure you can run the economy." It's tempting to quote Sheryl Sandberg here and the need to "lean in" to criticism like this. But I'm going to quote a Canadian leader instead, that other, earlier Trudeau: "Just watch me." I'm going to change the way we approach our economic challenges because I understand how our economy relates to real people, real life. That's my motivation. That's my drive.
09/26/2013 08:29 EDT
Horse Racing Towards a Better

Horse Racing Towards a Better Economy

The new Ontario government believes in a strong, sustainable future for the horse racing industry in this province. We have a plan, guided by the report of the Horse Racing Industry Transition Panel, for a way forward that will put the industry on a sustainable path. I know how important the horse racing and breeding industries are to the culture and economy of communities across Ontario, and that is why our government will continue to work with the industry to ensure that it has a strong, sustainable future.
06/18/2013 12:09 EDT