Kathryn Maroun

Director, Producer and Star, What A Catch

Kathryn Maroun, award-winning director, producer and star of the television show What A Catch, raises awareness about the wonders of fly fishing, while advocating the importance of conserving the environment and educating audiences about the physical and emotional benefits of the sport.

A strong believer in conserving the fragile ecological balance of Canada’s fresh water resources, Kathryn has acted as a National Director of Trout Unlimited Canada, giving fish a voice by educating fisherman on humane and ecologically friendly practices.

Braving the water and taking her audience to some of the world’s most remote and exotic destinations, she pushes the limits of the great outdoors, tackling extreme wilderness conditions to bring viewers closer to the thrill of the catch.

Kathryn also raises awareness about the tick born diseases in fishing communities globally. Affected by the illness herself, Kathryn is making sure people are conscious of the symptoms and are able to seek the proper treatment.

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