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Kathryn Marshall

Employment lawyer, media commentator, columnist and founder of

Kathryn Marshall is an employment lawyer, media commentator and columnist. She is a founder of, a national campaign to end sexual violence on Canadian campuses.
Taking A Stand Against Campus Sexual

Taking A Stand Against Campus Sexual Assault

Sexual violence and harassment on campuses have reached an epidemic level. It is a real and pressing issue for both female and male students, and post-secondary institutions have a duty to take action and ensure that their students are safe. So, are they?
04/25/2016 01:38 EDT
We Must Take a Strong Stance Against All Forms of Sexual

We Must Take a Strong Stance Against All Forms of Sexual Harassment

Sexist insults and harassment is something women who are involved in politics, the media or head up public organizations unfortunately have to deal with on a daily basis. This sort of taunting has become extremely commonplace in our digital world. It is not acceptable, and society should take a strong stance against it!
05/14/2015 01:07 EDT
What Is Our Government Doing to Advance Women's

What Is Our Government Doing to Advance Women's Rights?

It is clear that even in 2015, there is a lot of work to be done both at home and abroad to advance the rights and equality of women. Let's take a peek at what the federal political parties in this country are doing to make a difference.
03/08/2015 10:23 EDT
20 Things I Learned About Pregnancy and New

20 Things I Learned About Pregnancy and New Motherhood

I usually write about politics, but since I recently became a mom, I have been thinking a lot about all things motherhood, pregnancy and baby-related. Here is a little list of some things I learned about pregnancy and new motherhood.
01/05/2015 12:49 EST
Corporate Gender Quotas Will Not Fix

Corporate Gender Quotas Will Not Fix Sexism

Liberal Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette is proposing a private member's bill that will institute a quota system that will mandate that 40 per cent of all corporate board members must be female. Gender quotas result in good numbers on paper, but that's about all they do for the advancement of women. In reality, gender quotas simply reinforce tokenism and push the sexist belief that women somehow aren't "good enough" to earn power on their own.
07/24/2014 12:37 EDT

A "Thank You" Letter to Leah McLaren

We've never met, but I read your open letter to Nazanin Afshin-Jam in the Globe and Mail. As you may have heard, there is a very unfortunate trend in the media to go after the spouse of a politician for something that politician did or said. This disturbing trend almost universally applies to wives only. Why is that?
06/27/2014 06:24 EDT
If Steve Paikin Wants Women On His Show, Maybe He Should Stop Insulting

If Steve Paikin Wants Women On His Show, Maybe He Should Stop Insulting Them

Paikin offers up another reason women guests are so hard to come by, and this one will floor you. He says "we've also discovered there also seems to be something in women's DNA that makes them harder to book." I think the last time I read something along those lines was in my undergraduate women's studies critical theory course, but it was something written in the 1800's. According to Paikin: "No man will say, "Sorry, can't do your show tonight, my roots are showing." I'm sure these words will find their way in a women's studies course someday too, to be picked apart by clever students who won't believe for a second it was written in 2014.
03/19/2014 12:37 EDT
Hey Justin, We're Not Your

Hey Justin, We're Not Your "Ladies"

Thursday night in Toronto, "ladies" are invited for cocktails and candid conversation (for $250 a head) with Justin -- unplugged! The Liberal Party has even been so kind as to craft an invitation specially for our gender, complete with cute cursive writing and lots of splashy colours. The only thing missing from this creepy, patronizing and unbelievably ridiculous picture are scented pages and locks of Trudeau's hair as door prizes. Fortunately, Trudeau's plan has totally backfired.
11/07/2013 10:44 EST
Addicts Don't Need InSite, They Need

Addicts Don't Need InSite, They Need Support

Last week's controversy over Health Canada's funding of a program to give heroin to select addicts is like déjà vu. It's an awful lot like the conflicts the federal government has had with similar drug programs over the years. The Insite supervised injection clinic in Vancouver's renowned Downtown Eastside is the most famous example, where addicts can go to inject heroin under the supervision of nurses. Centres likes these are sometimes called "safe injection" sites, which is truly an oxymoron considering that these harmful drugs are anything but safe.
09/27/2013 08:11 EDT
Don't Call Them

Don't Call Them "Women's" Issues

In order to achieve real change, women-focused policies and issues can't be segregated or lumped together where they so often end up marginalized on the sidelines of mainstream policy agendas. It's time we start taking a different approach from the traditional way of looking at issues affecting women.
03/08/2013 06:11 EST
Why the Senate is Right to Investigate Anti-Oil Sands

Why the Senate is Right to Investigate Anti-Oil Sands "Charities"

There are groups in Canada right now who call themselves charities, who collect all the subsidies that registered charities enjoy, and yet do almost nothing but spend all day long hollering attacks against the oil sands. And the federal government is paying for it.
03/19/2012 12:33 EDT
McGuinty's Head Stuck in the Oil

McGuinty's Head Stuck in the Oil Sands

Alberta's premier Alison Redford has been trying to drum up support for a Canada-wide energy strategy, one in which she'd like the whole country to work in concert to maximize the value of our plentiful energy assets. But when she asked for Ontario to join her with some simple, symbolic support for the oil sands, Premier McGuinty gruffly refused.
03/01/2012 05:02 EST
EU Picking on Wrong Kid in (Oil) Sand

EU Picking on Wrong Kid in (Oil) Sand Box

EU delegates are expected to gather this week to vote on a law aimed at discouraging Canadian oil imports, claiming tar sands produce the highest polluting form of oil. Europeans must wise up to the severe harm they'll do themselves, and the world, by leading the charge to punish secure, peaceful, and ethically produced Canadian crude.
02/21/2012 09:06 EST
Obama Flushes Canadian Interests Down the

Obama Flushes Canadian Interests Down the Pipeline

Everyone sees Obama's decision to stop the Keystone XL pipeline exactly for what it is: an attempt to save his own career. Having failed to impress swing voters with his economic performance, the president has been forced to capitulate to the extreme environmentalist lobby to fund and redeem his re-election bid.
01/19/2012 08:18 EST
Joe Oliver's letter to

Joe Oliver's letter to environmentalists

In an open letter to Canadians, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver has delivered the most vigorous and bang-on criticism of radical environmentalist interference we've heard yet from the Government. It is almost certainly the most blunt, honest thing any senior Canadian politician has ever dared to say about the extreme-environmentalist lobby.
01/11/2012 02:45 EST
Looming Northern Gateway Pipeline

Looming Northern Gateway Pipeline Smackdown

In the campaign against Northern Gateway, a horde of foreign and foreign-backed groups are teaming up to tell the government we elected that Canada shouldn't go ahead with this project. They'll pretend to speak for Canadians.
01/06/2012 03:42 EST
The Iranian Oil Hostage

The Iranian Oil Hostage Crisis

A world at the mercy of conflict oil is a hostage situation. The Iranian autocrats have declared that if the world continues to bring pressure to bear on them over their illegal nuclear program, they'll choke off world oil supplies by closing off the Strait of Hormuz. In short, that could be disastrous to a world economy that's already perilously fragile.
01/04/2012 12:22 EST
Chiquita Slips on its Own PR Banana

Chiquita Slips on its Own PR Banana Peel

If Chiquita thought an oil sands boycott would win the company some easy points in the extremist environmentalist community, executives were instead faced with the disastrous fallout that comes with insulting an ethical nation proud of its respect for human rights, democracy, peace and the environment.
12/21/2011 12:32 EST