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Kathryn Streeter

Writer, traveler, mom and wife, I write about people, places and adventure. Highly mobile--I've moved 22 times in 24 married years.

Kathryn Streeter is a full-time writer, mother and wife. Highly mobile, she's moved 22 times in 24 years of marriage. Her writing has appeared in publications including Brain, Child Magazine, Literary Mama, Story|Houston, Scary Mommy, The Good Men Project and CSMonitor. Streeter's essay was published in The Briar Cliff Review, Volume 26, a finalist in their Creative Nonfiction Contest. She is contributing author of best-selling anthology "Feisty After 45." Connect with Streeter at, on Instagram @kathrynstreeter and Twitter @streeterkathryn.
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A Longing More Than Met

From my earliest moments as a new mother, I'd longed for my daughter to experience the same enjoyment from reading and falling into a good book that I'd felt in my youth. I pictured us walking in tandem in our mutual appreciation for stories, unpacking plots and characters for each other as we bonded in conversation.
04/04/2016 03:06 EDT