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Kathy Barthel

Editor, Comfort Life

Kathy Barthel is the print and online editor for <em>Comfort Life</em>, a leading authority on <a href="" rel="nofollow">retirement homes</a> and issues related to <a href="" rel="nofollow">senior living</a>
Living in a Retirement Home: Is it a Positive

Living in a Retirement Home: Is it a Positive Thing?

When is it time for you parents to move to a retirement home? The decision to move from the home you've lived in for years to a new community where you may not know anyone is certainly difficult. The important thing is to feel that you are making progress and that helping your parents transition to a retirement community is a positive thing. It is.
08/04/2012 01:40 EDT
Eight Secrets of Aging

Eight Secrets of Aging Well

You must live life in the present -- the key to aging successfully -- but you can't do so if one foot is chained to the past and both hands are shielding your eyes from the fuzzy future. Your vision will be blocked, your hands will be full and you'll be teetering on one leg! Try to integrate the following eight habits into your day as often as possible.
07/06/2012 05:00 EDT
Boomers Reject Ageist

Boomers Reject Ageist Ads

Getting old will be the hardest thing that most boomers ever do. Some can't imagine themselves as slow, frail, or incapacitated
12/29/2011 12:17 EST
Are Our Elderly Parents the Entitlement

Are Our Elderly Parents the Entitlement Generation?

To say that Sam's parents are demanding may be an understatement. He says they're the entitlement generation. The lawnmower is out of gas, call Sam; Dad fell and cut his head, call Sam; I mixed up my walker with my friend's walker, call Sam. Where do the demands come from?
12/29/2011 04:56 EST
University and the Cast-Off

University and the Cast-Off Parent

Our kids have been with us for so long, day and night, and we miss them. They may have been the focus of our lives. The irony is, we try very hard to be good parents and to raise smart, savvy, caring kids, but if we do, we'll raise them to be independent.
11/07/2011 04:04 EST
Second Careers: How to Make Yours a

Second Careers: How to Make Yours a Success

Take all the time you need to make yourself as competitive and well-connected as possible before looking for work or launching your business. If you've done your financial homework beforehand, you'll know how long your money will last before you make your move.
11/04/2011 04:29 EDT
Emotionally Needy

Emotionally Needy Parents

The phone rings, your mom's number shows up and you are filled with dread. You say hello and she gleefully announces that
10/15/2011 11:57 EDT
How You Think About Money Is as Important as How Much You

How You Think About Money Is as Important as How Much You Have

Often it's how you think about money that is keeping you from having enough to live on comfortably. Is it better to be poor and happy than rich and unhappy? Are you optimistic that things will work out somehow? What beliefs have you developed about money and are they sound?
09/13/2011 12:38 EDT
Dating After Divorce: 10 Tips From the

Dating After Divorce: 10 Tips From the Trenches

After lengthy marriages, many boomers aren't really keen to put themselves out there. Well, maybe putting themselves out there is the easy part; it's making a commitment to staying there with somebody new that's hard.
09/07/2011 07:47 EDT
Senior Sexuality Is Alive and

Senior Sexuality Is Alive and Well

One of the last great taboos is seniors and sexuality. Whenever we see an older couple holding hands, looking lovingly at each other or -- <em>gasp</em> -- kissing, we smile and quickly look away. We don't want to embarrass them or more likely, ourselves.
07/14/2011 07:55 EDT