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Kathy Buckworth

Award winning author of 6 books, spokesperson, media personality, traveller

Kathy Buckworth is an award winning writer of six books, including her latest I Am So The Boss Of You: An 8 Step Guide To Giving Your Family The Business (Random House).  

Kathy is a nationally recognized parenting author who is a regular guest on television and radio programs. She has been a regular parenting expert for TV's Cityline, Steven & Chris and Breakfast Television, across the country, as well as hosting the Slice network show, Birth Days. She writes parenting and travel articles for print publications and online sites, including her regular column, Parenting Hacks, with Post City Magazines, and regular travel features for Metro News and GoodLife Magazine. She also has a monthly travel segment, Get Set, Go! on CHCH Television.  

You can find Kathy on Twitter @KathyBuckworth, Facebook @AuthorKathyBuckworth and Instagram @KathyBuckworth. 

Kathy has over 20 years of corporate marketing experience and has been writing for 15 years. She lives in the Toronto area and has four children.

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I Finally Understand Newfoundland

Newfoundland is unlike any other province in Canada. With 29,000 kilometers of coastline (including Labrador), boasting the most eastern part of North America at Cape Spear, the topography is constantly changing, and with it the adventures and activities you can do.
09/09/2016 11:58 EDT
Kathy Buckworth

Moms Dive Deep To Support Their Olympic Daughters

The first time I met Margarida Benfeito and Helene Filion, I was sitting in front of them as their daughters Meaghan and Roseline, half of Canada's "Fab IV" diving team, prepared to dive in the finals for the 10m platform event. They would end up winning a bronze medal, and earning the love and respect of Canada.
08/15/2016 11:38 EDT
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You Play Like A Girl? Good For You

Teamwork is of course one of the biggest benefits in sports for kids, but a recent study shows that while this is cited as one of the key benefits of girls staying in sports (as well as increased confidence and leadership skills), half of girls quit playing sports by the end of puberty.
07/11/2016 12:56 EDT
Ian MacNicol

It Takes A Village To Get To The Olympic Village

One of the biggest commitments and complaints you'll hear from the parents of competitive athletes in training is the constant driving. Driving to practice, to competitions, all of it made a little bit easier when you can count on a car pooling community.
07/04/2016 10:28 EDT
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Teens Need Hugs (Even If They're Totally Over Them)

"A hug is like a boomerang. You get it back right away." This is true 90 per cent of the time. But 10 per cent of the time, it's not true -- especially when you're trying to hug a reluctant teen as you drop them off at their friend's house or at school, and even sometimes when you're alone in the house with them.
06/27/2016 04:08 EDT
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Surprising Secrets To Freelance Success

Be early: Never, ever be late for a meeting or appointment. I am routinely over an hour early for meetings. Not only does it relieve stress (yours) and frustration (theirs) but that hour gives you ample preparation time, or time to finish other work and errands while you have a coffee.
05/30/2016 03:59 EDT
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No, You Do Have Time To Read

Five books a week? Many of my friends are shocked that I can get through so many. "I wish! I simply don't have the time," many of them say... If you've binge watched even one Netflix series, you've had time to read. If you've been on Facebook scrolling through posts from a month ago, you've had time to read.
05/27/2016 11:25 EDT
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Qualicum Beach Is Rustic, Relaxing And Anything But Boring

"Relax, it's Qualicum!" I heard this many times during my visit to this small Vancouver Island community, whose population of 8,900 swells to 16,000 in the summer. They boast the dubious honour of having the highest median age of any city in Canada. But if you think that means this is a sleepy, tea-room filled community, think again.
05/18/2016 04:23 EDT
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Gold Medal Mom Wins At Mother's Day

Family is an integral part of Canadian Olympic gold medalist Rosie MacLennan's success, none more so than her mom, Jane, who has a wealth of advice to give to parents whose children might be headed down the Olympic path. "Open the doors to opportunities for your child," she says. "But the motivation has to come from within them."
05/04/2016 02:56 EDT
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Why Do We Hate Reading Glasses So Much?

Sooner or later, many Canadians will find themselves stretching their arms out to the point of shoulder dislocation, or using a magnifying glass from their child's science kit to read the fine print on medications, food packages, smartphone screens and more, before they give in to having to buy the inevitable reading glasses.
04/20/2016 04:44 EDT
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For Hygiene's Sake, Clean Your Room!

At its worst, a dirty, dusty, moldy room can lead to allergy eruptions, and a disruption of a good night's sleep. If you've noticed that your child is sneezing or stuffed up every night at bedtime, or in the morning when they wake up, it may be because of allergens you can take steps to eliminate.
03/28/2016 02:04 EDT
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How To Get The Best Airplane Seats

Experienced air travellers know all the tricks and tips to secure the best seats on the plane. Now, I'm not talking about paying thousands of extra dollars for business or first class seats - anyone with a bit of money can do that -- but more how to score the best in the economy section, at little or no extra cost.
03/23/2016 03:51 EDT