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Kathy Buckworth

Award winning author of 6 books, spokesperson, media personality, traveller

Kathy Buckworth is an award winning writer of six books, including her latest I Am So The Boss Of You: An 8 Step Guide To Giving Your Family The Business (Random House).  

Kathy is a nationally recognized parenting author who is a regular guest on television and radio programs. She has been a regular parenting expert for TV's Cityline, Steven & Chris and Breakfast Television, across the country, as well as hosting the Slice network show, Birth Days. She writes parenting and travel articles for print publications and online sites, including her regular column, Parenting Hacks, with Post City Magazines, and regular travel features for Metro News and GoodLife Magazine. She also has a monthly travel segment, Get Set, Go! on CHCH Television.  

You can find Kathy on Twitter @KathyBuckworth, Facebook @AuthorKathyBuckworth and Instagram @KathyBuckworth. 

Kathy has over 20 years of corporate marketing experience and has been writing for 15 years. She lives in the Toronto area and has four children.

Harry Potter and the Educational AP

Harry Potter and the Educational Vacation

"Learning doesn't take a vacation." Okay, like most annoying moms, I said it and this summer, I tried to live it. During a family vacation to London, England, I attempted to make our visit a mixture of the historic and the fun (they're not always interchangeable, no matter what my history buff husband says), hoping that the kids would learn something, even if their summer-vacation-new-knowledge resistance factor was strong.
08/21/2012 05:28 EDT
Don't Be a Lilly Dipper -- How to Get

Don't Be a Lilly Dipper -- How to Get Ahead

When I asked my son who just returned from a canoe trip was a Lilly Dipper was he said, "It's when you just dip the paddle in and skim the surface without moving the water to push the canoe forward." Of course my "life as business metaphor" brain kicked in. "I know some people like that," I said. And sadly, some of them have never been in a canoe.
07/31/2012 03:12 EDT
Why Moms are the Real AP

Why Moms are the Real Olympians

There's been a real focus on the Moms of the Olympic athletes at the 2012 London games. And while I'm impressed by the commitment these moms have had in getting their children to the Olympics, we shouldn't overlook how Moms themselves compete at a world class level every day, in many challenging and sometimes stupefying physical efforts.
07/30/2012 12:35 EDT
Hallelujah -- The Kids Are at Shutterstock

Hallelujah -- The Kids Are at CAMP!!

My two youngest children are away at camp, and this reprieve from the usual melee that goes on at my house has allowed me to reflect on those things that kids do, and that use up equal measures of time and patience in ways you wouldn't realize unless you had kids, and then suddenly they were gone. Allow me to explain...
07/16/2012 05:41 EDT
Myths and Truths About Being Google

Myths and Truths About Being Canadian

There are many stereotypes about Canadians, some true and some not. Do we love hockey? Yes. Do we eat doughnuts? Yes, at the hockey arena. But we do have major cities (some really, really big ones, in fact). And we don't say "aboot," at least, I can't hear it.
07/03/2012 11:51 EDT
Ooh La La, Les French Moms Are Just Like AFP

Ooh La La, Les French Moms Are Just Like Us

I think North American women are ready to put up an "arret" sign against the recent barrage of books by French femmes who are writing about how they simply don't allow pregnancy and childbirth to disturb their bodies, their clothing size, or their lifestyle. But now I put deux plus deux together and come up with this: Could it be that the French are (gasp) sort of like us?
06/15/2012 05:06 EDT
Driving in Paris...Even Scarier Than Driving in Getty Images

Driving in Paris...Even Scarier Than Driving in Montreal!

Driving in Paris is less about mobility and more about accident avoidance. Rush hour is all the time, bikes, motorcycles, cars and trucks. No matter what type of wheels get you around the Paris round-a-bouts, make sure you keep it at "vite" on the street to avoid an international run-in.
06/12/2012 05:17 EDT
Amsterdam: Land of a Thousand WikiMedia: BotMultichillT

Amsterdam: Land of a Thousand Bicycles

Amsterdam is a city of almost 800,000 inhabitants, and 600,000 bicycles. They're everywhere. But as a North American traveling to Amsterdam, I was simultaneously impressed by their pedal power while surprised to discover that not one single cyclist owned an essential piece of biking equipment from our part of the world: the bike helmet.
06/09/2012 11:51 EDT
For Mommy Bloggers Your Online Reputation is Your Newborn Getty

For Mommy Bloggers Your Online Reputation is Your Newborn Child

Many bloggers have relationships with brands in the form of an ad on their website, running a Twitter chat contest, or doing product reviews. But now they're looking for more lucrative opportunities to act as the brand voice, or spokesperson. Here are their top three mistakes!
05/08/2012 04:29 EDT
Mother's DAY? I don't think alamy

Mother's DAY? I don't think so...

Mother's DAY? Try The Year of Mom There is so much emphasis on the second Sunday in May, it's no wonder most of the time it ends up in disappointment and dissatisfaction. Sort of like cramming a year'...
04/17/2012 09:41 EDT
Marry Me, BlackBerry: A Valentine's Day

Marry Me, BlackBerry: A Valentine's Day Request

It provides me with comfort, advice, laughs and, most importantly, companionship. The phenomenon is fairly easy to understand: Receiving an incoming email message is akin to having a note passed to you in class from the cutest boy in school. You have to look at it. Especially when you are in a situation where you can't.
02/01/2012 03:30 EST
New Mom? What You Don't Want To Expect in Shutterstock

New Mom? What You Don't Want To Expect in 2012

There are just some things that are too cruel to tell the woman who's pregnant for the first time. If you have children, you know what they are (but the words "tearing" and "discharge" come to mind). I do believe, however, that there is one thing we don't talk about: Who are you?
01/03/2012 02:57 EST
Twitter 101 for AFP/Getty Images

Twitter 101 for Moms

Moms don't sleep, and the first thing they do when they're not sleeping is to tweet out the fact that they're not sleeping, which causes them to stay awake longer. Which they will also tweet about the next morning. And occasionally throughout the day, as they're also not napping.
12/18/2011 06:36 EST
Smells Like Teens alamy

Smells Like Teens Dispirited

As a mom who has brought up a few toddlers through to their inevitable teenage stage, I know that there can be some great things about having these older kids in the house. So here are the great qualities today's teenagers have, supported by words from their own brace-laden mouths.
11/24/2011 09:10 EST
Baby alamy

Baby Butt-lers

Just because you actually are a parent doesn't mean you're necessarily qualified to be a parent, or that you should be expected to take on said duties of being a parent. Enter, the baby concierge.
11/06/2011 09:21 EST
Connecting at Blissdom Thinkstock

Connecting at Blissdom Canada

So a talking yam and a New Kid walk into a conference... Blissdom Canada From Oct. 13 to 15, Toronto hosted the second annual Blissdom Canada conference. If you don't have a clue what that is, you're...
10/21/2011 12:00 EDT
Parenting: The Ultimate alamy

Parenting: The Ultimate Workout

If you are the parent of a child between the ages of one and four, you will spend a torturous amount of time squatting ungracefully in front of them in order to zip up coats, tie shoes, wipe noses and scrub away crusted-on ketchup. Stand in your front hallway and squat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
10/19/2011 09:10 EDT
Talking Turkey,

Talking Turkey, Eh?

There are many things to be thankful for when you have children: your mom decided to serve dinner buffet style, so the kids can choose what they like. One piece of broccoli and four pieces of bread? Fine. Don't care. Sit down and shut up.
10/09/2011 02:53 EDT