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Kathy Kaufield

Writer, Communications Consultant, Mother

Kathy Kaufield is a writer, communications consultant and mother of two young girls. She’s a former political reporter, columnist and news editor who now writes about the ups and downs of parenting instead of politics. She’s discovered her guilt-easing mantra “Well, at least I don’t smoke crack” makes her feel better about a multitude of parental transgressions. You can read her regular parenting column at Follow her on Twitter @kaufield.

New Moms Should Know: Breastfeeding Is Hard!

Tears in my eyes, I looked up from my nursing chair at The Hubster, who had our hungry newborn daughter in his arms. I felt like I was trapped in a cruel science experiment to determine how much nipple pain an exhausted new mother could take in two hour intervals before she cracked. Expectant first-time moms: Breastfeeding is hard.
07/23/2014 12:29 EDT

This Father's Day I'll Think of the Families of the Fallen RCMP Officers

The families left behind -- that's what is hitting me the hardest in the wake of last week's tragedy in Moncton that saw three RCMP officers -- three fathers -- gunned down. This weekend is Father's Day -- the first in a series of terrible 'firsts' that these will families have to face without husbands and fathers.
06/11/2014 12:41 EDT
rubberball via Getty Images

Why Do Our Kids Hate the Home Phone Line?

My girls have never wanted to answer the phone when it rings or make calls or be the voice on our recorded message. When I pass them the phone to chat with their grandmothers, they look at me like I handed them a grenade. I've reviewed some rules of phone etiquette with them (with obviously not enough emphasis on the consequences of prank calls!), but they need practise to feel confident.
06/04/2014 12:16 EDT

One Thing I Don't Want to Regret as a Mom

"Mom, will you snuggle with me?" my 10-year-old will ask, her arms outstretched from her bed, as I turn to leave her dark room. "Not tonight, sweetie." That's the answer I've been giving her all too often these days, even though I feel a stab of guilt every time I say it.
05/25/2014 10:18 EDT
ATTA KENARE via Getty Images

Easter Isn't Christmas - Slow Down With the Gifts

It wasn't always this way. My oldest was shocked to discover that all Laura Ingalls got for Christmas one year was a rag doll, an orange, a piece of candy and some socks. My daughters' eyes pop out of their heads when their Granny tells them that when she was a little girl, Santa brought an apple, an orange and one toy for each child in her large family.
04/18/2014 11:54 EDT
Jon Furniss/Invision/AP

I Want To Watch Olaf the Snowman Melt and Die

We've been trapped inside by icy concussion-inducing, deathtrap snow. I'm like a bear in hibernation, except I'm adding to my fat rather than living off it. I feel like I'm in some kind of dreary winter-induced coma. My youngest didn't wear socks to daycare during the last snowstorm, and I didn't even notice.
04/07/2014 01:08 EDT
Ariel Skelley via Getty Images

Will My Kids Remember Me at My Best or My Worst?

Which memories will our children remember forever and which are they going to forget? Are they going to remember the few times I got upset when they spilled their milk or all the times I told them not to worry about it? Are they going to remember all the times I attended their school events or the few times I couldn't be there?
03/25/2014 12:38 EDT

Moms, You Don't Need an Excuse to Make Time for Friends

I get my "friend fix" every Saturday morning at my youngest daughter's gymnastics class. So here's my question: Why do I feel like I need the "excuse" of gymnastics class to spend time with my friends? Maintaining my friendships is an important part of maintaining my well-being.
02/25/2014 05:08 EST

The Most Romantic V-Day Gift? A Clean House

Parenthood has completely changed my idea of romance of course. A "Before Kids" Valentine's Day involved detailed planning, a nice restaurant, dress-up clothes, red roses and lengthy love notes handwritten on delicate pink stationary. An "After Kids" Valentine's Day involves, um, not much.
02/10/2014 05:07 EST