Kathy Reich

President and CEO, Canadian Family Futures

Kathy is a seasoned financial professional whose diverse set of leadership skills provide her
with an extraordinary perspective for her clients. Her intimacy with the issues that families face
around wealth is both personal and professional. In 2001 she guided her own family through a
difficult and emotional estate transfer which gave rise to her life’s true purpose which is to assist
families through the complexities of wealth transitions.

As a ten-year Certified Life Coach, Kathy is uniquely qualified to help families successfully
navigate the minefields and obstacles of managing sensitive family dynamics.

She currently owns and manages a Canadian multi-family office called Canadian Family
Futures Inc. (CFFI) which services keystone and affluent families. CFFI also provides support
and special project services to various single family offices in western Canada.

Kathy offers her clients a diverse and unique service: Chief Family Financial Officer. She
believes that money should enable well-being of the people and places that we care about in
this lifetime and beyond. Thoughtful and intentional preparation of the next generation for the
responsibilities of wealth ownership is the most critical factor facing wealthy families today. Her
planning approach anchors all financial decision making to closely held family values and ideals,
thereby tying prosperity to purpose.

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