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Katie Boland

Actor, Author

Chosen by Elle Canada as one of the top three Canadians to watch and by the Toronto International Film Festival as one of their inaugural “Rising Stars” in 2011, actor and writer Katie Boland divides her time between Los Angeles and Toronto. Acting professionally since the age of nine with over 45 roles to date, Boland’s credits include Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, Atom Egoyan’s Adoration, Daydream Nation and Terminal City as well as four recent films: Ferocious, Looking is the Original Sin, Sex After Kids and Gerontophilia. Boland’s literary debut, a collection of short stories entitled Eat Your Heart Out, was released by Canadian publisher Brindle & Glass on April 2, 2013. Boland is also currently featured in the hit CW and CTV2 period drama Reign as Clarissa, a strange young woman who hides in the shadows, and whose past is a tantalizing puzzle that will reach out to change the lives around her in ways no one suspects. Boland recently co-created, co-produced, wrote and starred in edgy web series Long Story, Short, available now on KoldCast TV, and launching February 15, 2014 on Hulu.
What Led Me to Seeking Solace in

What Led Me to Seeking Solace in Psychics

"What's Lily Dale?" my husband asked. "Lily Dale is a spiritualist community in upstate New York. Seriously, everyone who lives there is a psychic," I said. "People have been going forever to talk to the dead. I really want to go."
06/30/2015 12:01 EDT
If You're in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship, You're Not

If You're in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship, You're Not Alone

I have spent most of my 20s in emotionally abusive relationships. Until a year ago, I thought I was the worst kind of damaged goods, a girl who could only love men who hurt her. I didn't want to talk about my experiences because I thought that my kind of pain was self-inflicted. If I was stupid enough to stay, I deserved it.
12/18/2014 08:42 EST
How Do I Even Begin to Talk About My Friend Who Passed

How Do I Even Begin to Talk About My Friend Who Passed Away?

My friend died six weeks ago. His name was Kent Nolan. He was 25. He was talented, handsome and successful. He was an actor, a writer, and a filmmaker; the kind people call, "incredibly promising." He was a son, a brother and a friend. He was unbelievably kind.
11/04/2014 08:44 EST
We Can't Get Jobs - Are We Going to Be

We Can't Get Jobs - Are We Going to Be OK?

My friend is a few years older than me, has two degrees and has been published in almost every major Toronto paper. She is an incredibly talented screenwriter and filmmaker. She is well connected and well liked. I would argue that she knows how to get a job. She just can't.
07/10/2014 12:32 EDT
Women of a Tinder

Women of a Tinder Age

The consensus is that there are expectations to hook up. I liked how the app worked but I wasn't sure if I wanted to meet anyone yet. I definitely didn't want to sleep with them. Tinder more than anything, felt random. How did I contextualize any of these people?
04/26/2014 12:01 EDT
A Quarter-Life Crisis Sent Me to

A Quarter-Life Crisis Sent Me to Therapy

I sat in a therapist's office two weeks ago. "I think I'm having a nervous breakdown," I told her. Summer ended. My relationship fell apart. Then, it just disappeared. Then, I wondered if I'd made it all up. I felt like my friends didn't like me anymore. There's been a lot said about the quarter-life crisis. Is that why a lot of my friends and I needed help?
04/16/2014 08:00 EDT
We Don't Want to Make the Same Mistakes Our Mothers

We Don't Want to Make the Same Mistakes Our Mothers Did

I think people my age, more than generations previously, have friendships with their parents. You talk about things you maybe shouldn't. For women our age, there is less of a physical and intellectual generation gap between mothers and daughters.
03/07/2014 12:02 EST
I'm Not Good at

I'm Not Good at Drugs

I was going to save my thoughts on drugs for a few weeks. But in light of Philip Seymour Hoffman's death, now feels like the right time. I worked with him on Paul Thomas Anderson's <em>The Master</em>. His death truly rattled me. Like I'm bad at math, I'm bad at drugs.
02/11/2014 05:17 EST
What's Actually Happening With People My

What's Actually Happening With People My Age

"I want to write about what's actually happening with people my age." "And what's that?" "Coke. Tinder. Bad relationships. Good relationships. Molly. Not being able to get a job. 25 being one thing for one person and something completely different for another." I turned 25 almost a year ago.
02/04/2014 04:29 EST