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Katie Hyslop

Reporter, Tyee Solutions Society

Katie Hyslop moved to Vancouver in September 2008 after graduating from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador with a degree in student newspaper. To beef up her credentials, she studied journalism at the University of British Columbia, and now holds a graduate degree.

With the exception of one summer shuffling between Toronto and her sister's couch in St. John's, she hasn't managed to muster up the desire to leave the West Coast yet.

When not writing about education and youth for The Tyee Solutions Society, Katie occupies her time writing about poverty atyend homelessness in British Columbia as news editor of Megaphone Magazine, Vancouver's street paper, or freelancing for other media outlets like the CBC, and This Magazine, with the goal of making a living substantial enough to rent a place above ground again some day.
Stop Telling Me to Move to the RJW via Getty Images

Stop Telling Me to Move to the Suburbs

Seems like every generation since the Second World War has had a reason to flock to the suburbs. For our parents, it was a yard for us kids to play in and a respite from the supposedly crime-ridden cities. For my generation? Housing prices, thanks to a skyrocketing real estate market and boomers that never seem to tire of telling us we have no choice but to go east, young wo/man.
06/02/2015 03:05 EDT