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Katrina Pacey

Litigation Director, Pivot Legal Society

A month into law school, Katrina was looking for new ways to ground her education (which includes an MA in women’s studies) and contribute to real social change in Vancouver’s downtown eastside. She connected with John Richardson, established Pivot’s sex work and human rights campaign and has been with Pivot ever since.

As Pivot’s litigation director, Katrina brings legal strategy to Pivot’s campaigns and connects Pivot with the broader legal community. Katrina has worked with the plaintiffs of this case since the beginning and was co-counsel at the Supreme Court of Canada.
How Vancouver Sex Workers' Ruling Improves Access To

How Vancouver Sex Workers' Ruling Improves Access To Justice

Canada's highest court has unanimously ruled that a former sex worker and an organization run by and for street-based sex workers should be granted public interest standing to challenge the laws related to adult prostitution. It's a long decision, but here is a quick summary of the decision and its implications for our clients and for access to justice for marginalized people across Canada.
09/21/2012 02:34 EDT