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Katrina Turnbull

Fashion TV Host and Stylish Mommy Blogger at

Katrina Turnbull runs, a lifestyle site providing effortlessly chic living tips for busy moms. Being pregnant in Paris taught her everything she needs to know about being an effortlessly chic mom. She helps time-strapped, style-conscious, millennial moms find quick ways to take care of their families and feel great about themselves. <br> <br> She has learnt that by making herself a priority, she is better able to care of her family. Her goal is to show women that they can spend a few extra minutes on themselves without sacrificing time with family, work, or household responsibilities.   <br> <br> Katrina lives in Ottawa with her husband and two baby boys. She loves dance music (but can't dance), sparkling wine, and liquid liner. She is a self-proclaimed Francophile and Paris enthusiast!
Stylish Winter Maternity Coats For The Modern

Stylish Winter Maternity Coats For The Modern Mom

Pregnant moms-to-be rejoice! Never before have there been so many options for stylish winter maternity coats. Designers have caught up with demand. You no longer have to sacrifice fashion for function during pregnancy. I've found the best stylish winter maternity coats to keep you and your inside baby warm and toasty this winter.
12/15/2016 02:01 EST
This Salted Caramel Apple Pie Cake Will Save

This Salted Caramel Apple Pie Cake Will Save Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving this weekend and, I don't know about you, but I have far too many apples to use up from apple picking with my kids this fall.Fear not, I have an easy dessert recipe to help you use up those healthy, fresh-picked apples and be the Thanksgiving Day hero.
10/07/2016 08:51 EDT
The 9 Best Netflix Shows To Marathon During Maternity

The 9 Best Netflix Shows To Marathon During Maternity Leave

Here's a secret nobody tells you about having a baby: There's a lot of downtime. During the early days, weeks or even months of your maternity leave, you'll be confined to your bed or couch -- unable to move while you're baby sleeps upwards of 18 hours a day or while you nurse him every two hours for 30-40 minutes at a time. A lot of time is spent staring at your baby. Trust me, I've been there -- twice. It's nice to break up the monotony of those long, lonely days with some great TV shows.
07/27/2016 12:33 EDT