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Katy Hung

First time new mom who has no clue what is going on + trying to figure it out (without crying every day)

Katy Hung used to live in downtown Toronto with her husband and dog enjoying the good life! Then they moved to the burbs, had their first baby and now their whole world is turned upside down and she's trying to make sense of it all. Her goal is just to try to take it day by day without crying in the corner.
I Was Not Mentally Prepared For This

I Was Not Mentally Prepared For This Baby

Let me tell you; newborns are not for the faint of heart. It's also a total physical and emotional roller coaster that has high highs and very severe lows (emphasis on severe because yesterday I spent almost all day crying). Two weeks into having my life completely change, I've decided to draft a list of high level thoughts and feelings on what it's like on the other side with a newborn. This list is not going to sugar coat things my friend, and it's something that I wish I had read prior to the delivery, so that maybe I could be a bit more mentally prepared for what was to come.
02/09/2017 05:53 EST