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Kaylie Tiessen

Economist, CCPA-Ontario

Kaylie Tiessen is an economist with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' Ontario office (CCPA-Ontario). She specializes in Ontario's labour market, minimum and living wages, provincial budgets, and the value of public services. Kaylie also has expertise in social value measurement, economic development, and public policy analysis. She holds degrees in both economics and international business. Read her blogs on Follow her on twitter: @KaylieTiessen.
The Upside of a Guaranteed Annual Income in

The Upside of a Guaranteed Annual Income in Canada

In Canada, the possibility of a guaranteed annual income is a topic that seems to never go away, yet the prospect of a national program remains elusive. The way the Fraser Institute approaches the issue outlines what's wrong with the discussion: they treat the idea of a basic income program like it's a cash grab by the desperate.
01/08/2015 12:39 EST