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Keith Sashaw

President and CEO, Association of Consulting Engineering Companies - BC

Keith Sashaw was appointed president and CEO of the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies - British Columbia (ACEC-BC) in February 2013. He's the senior staff person at British Columbia's provincial association of engineering consulting firms, representing 90 of BC's consulting engineering companies that provide engineering and other technology-based intellectual services to the public and private sectors. He was previously president of the Vancouver Regional Construction Association and on the executive of the Electrical Contractors Association of B.C. and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of B.C.
LNG Investments Will Have Long-Term Benefits For ASSOCIATED PRESS

LNG Investments Will Have Long-Term Benefits For B.C.

Given the economic doldrums facing other resource-based sectors in B.C. with the collapse of oil prices and the malaise in the minerals and metals markets, the B.C. engineering community recognizes the importance of projects such as LNG Canada moving forward. For many firms, the development of an LNG industry will buffer the impact that the downturn of the resource sector is having.
01/26/2016 01:19 EST
Why B.C. Needs Skilled Foreign Shutterstock

Why B.C. Needs Skilled Foreign Workers

There has been a lot of media attention lately surrounding the use of foreign trade workers in our province. What we need to keep in mind is that our province needs skilled foreign workers to mitigate a labour shortage that is putting our economic growth at risk, and we must not allow gut reactions to specific cases dictate public opinion or guide public policy decisions with far-reaching, future implications.
12/15/2012 12:44 EST