Kellman Meghu

Head of Security Engineering, Check Point Software Technologies

Meghu has over 15 years experience in network-based security and computer application protection. His past responsibilities include managing complex security networks, policy planning, management and documentation, consultation on numerous network security strategies to protect ISP’s in Southern Ontario, security audits and security infrastructure deployments for various organizations across Canada and Central United States.
Is Your Brain Being

Is Your Brain Being Hacked?

Whether con games are played in the digital world or the physical one, getting someone to lower their guard with a clever ruse makes the life of a thief that much easier. In the vernacular of hackers, this is called social engineering. Social engineering is about hacking the human mind, something that in many ways is significantly easier than finding a new software vulnerability and using it as a gateway into your enterprise. One way to get hold of that information is to target people according to their jobs and interests, and there is perhaps no greater source of data on those subjects than social networks.
08/14/2012 05:36 EDT