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Kelly Coffey

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Losing Weight Is as Easy as 1-2-3?

Losing Weight Is as Easy as 1-2-3? Nope

Of course we get sucked in when the pretty nutritionist tells us that losing the weight is as simple as 1-2-3! Optimistic, we watch her video. But despite what we want to believe, we know that being told what or how to eat isn't the solution. Being told what and how to eat does not help us lose weight and keep it off. It just doesn't work. Period.
09/17/2014 05:46 EDT
Food Addiction Is Real and We Need To Talk About

Food Addiction Is Real and We Need To Talk About It

Only by calling food addiction by its proper name can we begin to speak frankly about how to help one another recover. Until then, food addicts like me will continue to struggle to control that which cannot be controlled. Many will keep trying, and failing, to "eat like a normal person." And many will decide, like I did, that their inability to change is simply a sign of weakness.
06/23/2014 05:19 EDT
How Loving My 300-Pound Body Keeps Me

How Loving My 300-Pound Body Keeps Me Thin

We're tormented by our obsession with weight. Losing weight is hard to do, and the overwhelming majority of us gain back whatever weight we lose (and then some). Every failed weight loss effort drags us deeper into depression. Loving thoughts breed acceptance and patience. Sometimes I stray from my chosen path and eat something that triggers my food addiction. Because I love the body I once had and don't fear returning to it, I'm able to respond to these slips in a healthy way. I accept that I've gone off the path. I forgive myself.
04/28/2014 13:48 EDT
What I Miss About Being 300

What I Miss About Being 300 Pounds

I used to weigh more than 300 pounds. In 2003 I lost more than half my body weight. You might think that when I reflect on my 300-pound self that it would be with disdain or pity. Hell no. The longer I'm thin, though, the more I miss the gifts of living in a body so big that people often turned away. It may sound strange to some, but here are five things I miss about my old, obese self.
03/26/2014 08:23 EDT