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Kelly Connor

Kelly Connor

Kelly Connor is the creator, designer and author of City Mom, a local London, Ontario blog that follows her adventures as she and her husband raise their daughter in the heart of the city.

She is a freelance writer with a background in web design and Internet technology.
Elevator Etiquette: Is Chivalry AP

Elevator Etiquette: Is Chivalry Dead?

It seems that men over the age of 30 (give or take) tend to allow women to enter and exit the elevator first. On the other hand, younger men tend to exit and enter based on order. Personally I don't mind either way. I'm more concerned with the thought that chivalry is dead.
07/18/2011 07:14 EDT
Plan the Perfect Staycation: 10 Easy

Plan the Perfect Staycation: 10 Easy Tips

With summer just around the corner, vacation plans begin to emerge. The long two-month break from school causes parents to worry about keeping their children busy and providing a fun but budget-friend...
06/22/2011 04:04 EDT