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Kelly Fallis

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Kelly Fallis is the founder and CEO of <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>, the online platform with 350+brands, $1 shipping in Canada/USA and free Stylists to help you source product. Follow her on Twitter <a href="" rel="nofollow">@kellyfallis</a>
10 Musts For Successful Furniture

10 Musts For Successful Furniture Delivery

People often have doormen and nannies accept packages on their behalf. When it's a tiny little box that's easy to return this is no problem. Furniture packaging is big and bulky and the return process is nothing short of a nightmare. Unless you are paying a design professional to receive your package for you, be sure YOU are physically present for the delivery appointment.
09/22/2014 04:50 EDT
Seven Trade Secrets to Buying Furniture

Seven Trade Secrets to Buying Furniture Online

There is nothing more frustrating then falling in love with a product in a picture and not being able to find it, yet but this is a recurring theme no matter whether you're shopping for cars, clothes or furniture! The role of a stylist when it comes to furniture is twofold: to help you locate the desired item and ensure you're making a good design decision.
09/19/2014 13:51 EDT