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Kelly Lovell

Speaker, Youth Mobilizer & Consultant

<p>Creating legacies of united communities and humanitarian achievements across the globe, Kelly Lovell, understands that the key to changing lives is to first give back. Lovell is a Motivational Speaker, Marketing & Engagement Consultant and entrepreneur respected for her deep understanding and unique ability to mobilize leaders. She invests her time in empowering individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. Well known for her broad experience in fostering youth capabilities, she has been quoted by professionals as a speaker “with an ability to unlock the key to understanding and accessing the youth demographic.”</p> <br> <br> <p>Incorporating her company at 19 years old, she is the founder of The Kelly Effect, CEO of Lovell Corporation, Founder of My Clean City and Executive Producer and Host of YOU Effect. In all her work Lovell continuously strives to develop opportunities for individuals to achieve their greatest potential. Her multitude of accolades, including the QEII Diamond Jubilee medal, Ashoka & American Express Emerging Innovator of Canada, Rogers' Young Woman of the Year, Canada's Top 20 Under 20, and Ontario’s first Change the World Youth Ambassador further reiterate Lovell's ability to inspire and lead global impact. Lovell is recognized globally for her leadership and holds honorary roles including the 2013 Hesselbien fellow, an award that is given to 50 of the sharpest, most engaged and dedicated young leaders from around the globe. </p> <br> <br> <p>Respected by renowned leaders including Nobel Peace Prize entrepreneurs, governmental bodies and global humanitarians of possessing wisdom beyond her years, married with her exuberant spirit and youthful energy, Lovell leaves a lasting impression on young and mature audiences alike.</p> <br> <br> <p>For more information please visit <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p>
An Open Letter To Female Leaders Of The Past, Present And

An Open Letter To Female Leaders Of The Past, Present And Future

Today's business landscape is constantly evolving. Despite this rapid evolution, however, it can still sometimes feel as though the changes we desire are not happening fast enough. These feelings are especially true when considering topics like career progression and, most recently, women's leadership.
05/25/2017 12:04 EDT
Do You Have A #NoFilter

Do You Have A #NoFilter Perspective?

Social media and internet services continue to evolve as the demand for content and the ways in which it is consumed rapidly changes. As a result, the post-digital era is headed towards curated content. Targeted ads, smart newsfeeds and personalized content delivery are becoming the norm.
10/24/2016 12:15 EDT
How To Build A Quality Professional

How To Build A Quality Professional Network

Many professionals emphasize networking and strategies to build networks, however, there is little focus on network maintenance. The best networks are the ones we can call on for support when needed. For example, are we comfortable asking for a favour from someone we spoke to once at a party a year ago? In this case, the quality of the relationship is more important than the number of contacts in the address book.
04/08/2016 03:26 EDT
Industry Insights From A 7 Year

Industry Insights From A 7 Year Old

As the end of the year comes to a close, industry leaders are already preparing for what's next and refining their 2016 strategies to stay on top of the market. With baby boomers retiring and millennials being the most studied generation to date, market leaders can gain insight from the next generation, Generation Z.
12/18/2015 03:19 EST
You Can't Rush Success In the Race to the

You Can't Rush Success In the Race to the Top

We create career expectations, relationship goals and five-year plans, all pressuring us to succeed within constrained periods of time. While I do believe that planning and having attainable goals is good practice, I feel our understanding and assessment of our personal success shouldn't be linked.
08/28/2015 13:22 EDT
15 Signs You Have an Entrepreneur

15 Signs You Have an Entrepreneur Mindset

True success of an entrepreneur comes not from their ideas, but from their inner mindset and character traits. It takes a certain type of leader to endure startup life and persevere past the hurdles that will inevitable lay ahead in their efforts to inspire disruption or bring a new innovation to life.
07/09/2015 12:42 EDT
How To Be A Celebrity for A

How To Be A Celebrity for A Day

Everyone deserves to have a day to feel special. Luxury can be associated with expensive outings, taste and experiences; however it can also be inspired by a sense of self worth and the way people make us feel. A life of luxury may seem out of your reach; but money isn't the only way to make you feel like you are worth thousands.
03/03/2015 09:41 EST
Why Does Everyone Keep Telling Me To Get A 'Real'

Why Does Everyone Keep Telling Me To Get A 'Real' Job?

The definition of a traditional career does not lend well in today's innovation and technology driven economy. Workplaces are changing. No longer must you come into the office everyday for business meetings when you can stay at home and with a click of a button, video conference with executives around the world.
12/09/2014 12:47 EST
I'm Not Cheap, I'm an

I'm Not Cheap, I'm an Entrepreneur

A great challenge an entrepreneur has starting out is overcoming their financial limitations to transform their ideas into reality. Investment doesn't come over night and often than not, you already need a pilot project, prototype or some part of a business developed before you can gain serious consideration.
11/24/2014 12:50 EST
'Entrepreneur' Is Not a Dirty

'Entrepreneur' Is Not a Dirty Word

If you are an entrepreneur, be proud to hold this title and live up to its name. Also understand that you are leading a long overdue generational shift across sectors and it will take some time before your path may be embraced by all. Don't let the resistance discourage you from your ambitions.
10/28/2014 12:53 EDT
How to Find a

How to Find a Mentor

While we cannot make up for the experiences we lack, we can certainly draw from the knowledge of those who have lived before us. Regardless of your age or the stage you are in your life, I believe mentorship is an invaluable tool. There is a reason why maps were created. Imagine a road trip without the aid of a map?
08/05/2014 05:52 EDT
Make the Anti-Spam Law a Silver Lining For Your

Make the Anti-Spam Law a Silver Lining For Your Business

As an individual I must admit, it was a breath of fresh air to finally see my inbox shrink as the many subscriptions my email had accumulated over the years finally came to an end. As an entrepreneur leading several start-ups, however the true realities and restrictions of CASL became apparent.
07/03/2014 12:22 EDT
You Need to Think Beyond the

You Need to Think Beyond the Dollar

Money shouldn't dictate your success or potential. While it may be more difficult without funding to bring your idea to reality, it doesn't mean it can't be done.In fact in some ways it can be a blessing in disguise. Your passion will be put to the test, your vision will be challenged and with each roadblock your determination will strengthen as your vision grows.
01/22/2014 12:08 EST
Why Millennials Are Ideal Leaders of

Why Millennials Are Ideal Leaders of Change

What society doesn't realize is the very traits we try to condemn our young generation for is exactly what makes them ideal leaders of change. Rather than self-centred, youth are individualized and are not afraid to break the norm and be their own person.
11/21/2013 05:06 EST