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Kelsey Matheson

Co-Founder, Co-Owner Anamaya Resort

Kelsey Matheson is an entrepreneur and coach. After success in business, travelling around the world, becoming a mother and learning what it really takes to be present, healthy and happy, Kelsey now coaches others to effectively tap into their potential, then create specific goals that strategically manifest their best life. She is the creator of The Optimal Health and Conscious Living Academy that incorporates highly respected doctors and specialists into an 8-week dynamic training for women. She is one of the founders and owners of Anamaya Resort, a yoga retreat center in Montezuma, Costa Rica. Anamaya hosts a number of yoga, surfing, and wellness retreats throughout the year, as well as Yoga Teacher Trainings. She also is the co-founder and owner of BE Outfitter, a backpack and outdoor gear company that helps to sponsor children's education around the world. For more information on Kelsey Matheson please visit