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Now goosing his media brethren after nearly 50 years in newspapers, wire service and television news. <br> Former college journalism teacher and reporter and/or editor with UPI, the Canadian Press, CBC News, the Toronto Sun and elsewhere in Canada and the United States. <br> Born in New York, lives in suburban Toronto.
Jon Stewart Gets Last Laugh From the

Jon Stewart Gets Last Laugh From the Media

So, to take a page from The Daily Show -- to tickle and kibitz rather than hammer and yammer -- I choose to assume a courtside seat and appraise some of the tens of thousands of words being dribbled over Stewart's departure this week.
08/05/2015 12:05 EDT
How Insulting Canada Has Become an

How Insulting Canada Has Become an Industry

The Canadian news media are again proving to be a PR bonanza for a smart satirical comedy show south of the border. Comedy Central, HBO and others have learned that all you have to do is insult Canada in any way and you're guaranteed free publicity from coast to coast to coast.
07/29/2015 06:31 EDT
Trump Scrambles Media

Trump Scrambles Media Chickens

On the day after Donald Trump announced he was running for president, the headline in the New York Times was: Donald Trump
07/26/2015 02:10 EDT
ESPN Misplaces the Clarity

ESPN Misplaces the Clarity Jug

During this weekend's golf at St. Andrews, the venerable Sean McDonough let slip the equivalent of an expletive on ESPN's coverage. "...the British Open -- the Open, pardon me..." The tournament was in Scotland, which, last I checked, remains in Britain.
07/23/2015 06:38 EDT