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Ken Neumann

United Steelworkers National Director, Canada

Ken Neumann has served as United Steelworkers (USW) National Director for Canada since 2004, representing 225,000 union members who work in every sector of the economy and every region of our country. Born and raised in rural Saskatchewan, Ken was a teenager when he joined the Steelworkers while working at a steel plant in Regina. For more than four decades Ken has been a proud labour, social, political and human rights activist on national and international stages. He has fought hard for greater equality, justice and prosperity for all Canadians. One of Ken's passions is advocating for the dignity and independence of injured and disabled workers. Ken is co-chair of the National Institute for Disability Management and Research and he recently helped establish Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences, the first university of its kind.
Canadians Won't Be Fooled by Conservatives' Bogus CPP

Canadians Won't Be Fooled by Conservatives' Bogus CPP Plan

Federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver continues to stretch the bounds of credibility by suggesting his Conservative government might expand the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). Given its record for cynical politics, it is quite a feat for this government to plumb new depths with such a brazen pre-election ploy. Indeed, the Conservatives themselves provide all the evidence needed to expose the deceit of the finance minister's proposal.
06/04/2015 08:03 EDT