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Ken Rabow

The Mentor's Mentor for Troubled Teens, Young Adults and their Families

Ken Rabow is a life empowerment coach specializing in helping troubled teens, unmotivated young adults and their families succeed in all aspects of their lives. Check out Ken's book: The Slacker's Guide to Success

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Honouring Mom's Memory On Mother's izzzy71 via Getty Images

Honouring Mom's Memory On Mother's Day

One day, before you expect it, you get to the place where me, my brother and my sister are. Where every subsequent Mother's day has a different sort of sadness. Why is the first year different from the fifth year and why does this twelfth Mother's day without mom feel completely different? I'm not entirely sure.
05/09/2017 04:10 EDT
7 Ways Parents And Millennials Can Jamie Grill via Getty Images

7 Ways Parents And Millennials Can Communicate

As someone who trains Boomers and Gen X'ers to life coach teens and young adults, I often find that the best examples to explain my work to those wanting to know the secrets of working with Millennials, comes from my own personal practice life coaching teens and young adults. Today's topic is: Parents and Millennials -from Miscommunication to Co-creation or How to I Learned to Stop Screaming.
02/16/2017 08:00 EST
Parenting Millennials With Mental Health Cathy Yeulet via Getty Images

Parenting Millennials With Mental Health Issues

I always say, "if you want to get something... give it." Want to be loved? Love unconditionally. Want to be appreciated? Give earnest praise. Want to be heard? Learn to listen. Really listen. What is real listening? It requires biting your tongue. Not jumping in when your child shares how they perceive life, their problems, their solutions.
11/03/2016 10:28 EDT
Schizophrenia Isn't A Four-Letter Stepan Popov via Getty Images

Schizophrenia Isn't A Four-Letter Word

To the people who care about them, once this young person chooses "the other way", all the people around them see is the consequences. "Didn't you know that if you did "X" you would end up "Y"". It is understandable for those around you to feel this because the process of suffering is so often done in the dark. The sufferers try to protect those around them and some feel that by minimizing it, it may go away.
10/18/2016 11:41 EDT
Mentoring Millennials: The Power Of

Mentoring Millennials: The Power Of Procrastination

As someone who teaches people how to life coach teens, young adults and their families, I often marvel how often the words: Millennials and Procrastinator are woven together in sentences. "What is it...
08/29/2016 11:55 EDT
The Best Way To End Video Game Addiction:

The Best Way To End Video Game Addiction: Pinball

Parents these days have a great and real concern about video game addiction and internet addiction (including Facebook Addiction Disorder) by teens and young adults. As someone who mentors young adult...
06/07/2016 01:27 EDT