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Ken Rabow

The Mentor's Mentor for Troubled Teens, Young Adults and their Families

Ken Rabow is a life empowerment coach specializing in helping troubled teens, unmotivated young adults and their families succeed in all aspects of their lives. Check out Ken's book: The Slacker's Guide to Success

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They Don't Really NEED You Around All the Time

We must first leave our father's house, leave all the things we know, leave our land, and go out towards an unknown adventure that promises us untold abundance if we keep faith in ourselves, and keep our wits about us.
03/09/2012 05:37 EST
Diana Piruzevska

Getting Your Child Back on the Path to Success

Put three toes in the water. Why three? Do one thing and it works, and it could just be "luck." Do two things and it can still be an anomaly. Do three things and now you have a pattern. If you get three straight failures, remember Edison took 10,000 wrong tries to find the right filament, creating the incandescent bulb.
02/28/2012 04:38 EST

Transforming Teen Angst Into the Seeds of Power

So many people live with a subtle, toxic level of angst, turning each aspect of their daily lives into drab shades of grey. It becomes their way of being, making it difficult to excel at anything. The...
02/21/2012 11:01 EST

How to Con Your Parents into Listening to You

The thing is, most of the time teens are fine with not being listened to by their parents. But here's the problem: What happens when you really need them to? You see, all your training in getting them to ignore you isn't going to come in handy. You're, like, the kid who yelled woof! Or barked, or something.
02/16/2012 05:02 EST

Valentine's Day, Romance and Teens

From Romeo and Juliet to Pyramus and Thisbe and beyond, teens having been teeing off parents in their romantic choices for thousands of year. If this has been going on that long, what chance do we hav...
02/10/2012 11:52 EST

10 Steps to Making Your Dreams Come True

Quick. Think of something you did today that stands out to you. Was it something funny? Something you are particularly proud of, or something embarrassing? When you were doing it, was the voice in you...
01/23/2012 10:50 EST
Flickr: studiostoer

Top 10 Signs Your Teen Is Becoming "That" Teen

One thing most of these people have in common is that they are challenged by some unnamed fears that hinder their success. These people have decided that by choosing to fail and sabotaging the various kinds of help given to them, they can "win." We can all feel Martin Sheen's pain about this kind of "winning."
01/20/2012 08:35 EST

Help! My Teen Is Glued to the Video Game Console!

Well, if they really are glued to the console, their sibling probably got crazy glue for the holidays. But, more than likely, they just disappeared into their rooms, coming out only occasionally, bleary-eyed, to grab some food and then return back to their cave.
01/12/2012 10:38 EST

Time-Stealers: The Enemy of New Year's Resolutions

One of the easiest ways we end up wasting time is when we thought our friends would feel bad if we didn't always make ourselves available to them when they were free. Setting limits is about giving people what they want at a time when it is good for both of you.
01/10/2012 03:03 EST

Teens Texting at Twilight

It's 8 a.m. Your teen's alarm has gone off at least five times and your knocks on the door have been responded to by grunts that could only be understood by prehistoric man (if they had alarm clocks t...
01/04/2012 11:41 EST

New Year's Resolutions for Parents and Troubled Teens

I love new year's resolutions. There is something powerful about scratching out one old period of time and making room for what's ahead. Pick one. Say it to yourself in the mirror when you wake up and just before going to bed and try to act on your resolution at least one time during the day.
12/29/2011 11:37 EST

Four Steps to a Successful New Year in School

The new year is upon us and like Ebenezer Scrooge, we are not sure if it is the ghost of past, present or future school terms that shall be visited upon us. Here are four steps to guarantee a successful year. (Guarantee void where prohibited by over-achieving siblings who make others look bad no-matter-what.)
12/29/2011 11:17 EST

A Bully's Inner World of Contempt

When kids act out, their inner worlds of contempt for themselves are projected onto others. If you can catch those actions early enough, deflect them and encourage those kids to share their positive passions from a place of strength, we may prevent those waves of angst from crashing down upon others.
12/06/2011 01:50 EST

How to Get Your Troubled Teen Back on Track

You've tried it all -- traditional therapy, behavioural therapy, conditioned response, pharmaceuticals, begging, pleading, tough love -- and some of it worked for a while and some didn't work at all. It may seem hopeless sometimes, but it has been my experience that some alternative approaches can make a world of difference.
12/02/2011 11:46 EST